The CALLITHUMPIAN CONSORT is dedicated to the proposition that music is an experience. Founded by pianist and conductor Stephen Drury, we are an ensemble producing concerts of contemporary music at the highest standard. The Consort consists of a senior band of long standing Thump soloists, but is fundamentally flexible in size and makeup, enabling the group to tackle unusual repertoire in non-standard or larger chamber ensembles, or to take part in experimental projects. Our repertoire encompasses a huge stylistic spectrum, from the classics of the last 50 years to works of the avant-garde and experimental jazz and rock. Active commissioning and recording of new works is crucial to our mission. We have worked with composers John Cage, Lee Hyla, John Zorn, Michael Finnissy, Franco Donatoni, Lukas Foss, Steve Reich, Helmut Lachenmann, John Luther Adams, Frederic Rzewski, Christian Wolff and many others. Recordings are available on Tzadik, New World and Mode records.

SICPP: Summer Institute of Contemporary Performance Practice

SICPP (also known as "Sick Puppy") is an intensive performance seminar on music of the twentieth century for advanced instrumentalists, vocalists, and young composers. The experience is intense: eight full days of master classes, lessons, rehearsals and concerts. It's an invaluable experience for anyone interested in new music and ready to tackle the challenges of 20th/21st century repertoire under a faculty uniquely experienced in learning, performing and teaching these pieces. In many cases the SICPP faculty have worked directly with the composers themselves (Cage, Reich, Wolff, Harvey, and more), and can impart first hand information about the music.

The SICPP Ensemble Program is an exciting way to work with other players who share a love of the avant-garde. Many SICPP students, who are sometimes the only people they know dipping into the pool of atonality, experimental and extended techniques, find themselves in an incredible community of like-minded musicians.